from April to June 2012 by thread Dang Van (Thursday, 28 June)

Dang Van a annulé l'événement « Webinar: Agile: Kanban or Scrum? When to Use Which and How to Get the Best of Both ». Dang Van (Wednesday, 27 June)

Fwd: Status of draft-ietf-appsawg-http-forwarded-04.txt Alexey Melnikov (Wednesday, 27 June)

Vous êtes invité à l’événement « Webinar: Agile: Kanban or Scrum? When to Use Which and How to Get the Best of Both ». Dang Van (Wednesday, 27 June)

Advice to define where new status codes can be generated Mark Nottingham (Monday, 25 June)

#271: use of "may" and "should" Julian Reschke (Sunday, 24 June)

Performance implications of Bundling and Minification on HTTP/1.1 Henrik Frystyk Nielsen (Friday, 22 June)

may/should Julian Reschke (Friday, 22 June)

#271: SHOULD review in p7 Mark Nottingham (Friday, 22 June)

#271: SHOULD review in p5 Mark Nottingham (Friday, 22 June)

#271: SHOULD review in p4 Mark Nottingham (Friday, 22 June)

#347: clarify that 201 can imply *multiple* resources were created Mark Nottingham (Thursday, 21 June)

Call for Expressions of Interest in Proposals for HTTP/2.0 and New HTTP Authentication Schemes Mark Nottingham (Thursday, 21 June)

New Version Notification for draft-montenegro-httpbis-speed-mobility-02.txt Rob Trace (Tuesday, 19 June)

Multi-legged Authentication for HTTP Multiplexing Jonathan Silvera (Monday, 18 June)

inv-maxage Cache-Control directive syntax, was: Fwd: I-D Action: draft-nottingham-linked-cache-inv-00.txt Julian Reschke (Thursday, 14 June)

Vancouver in July Mark Nottingham (Thursday, 14 June)

enc: URL scheme Kornel Lesiński (Wednesday, 13 June)

451 Unavailable For Legal Reasons Jacob Appelbaum (Wednesday, 13 June)

Fwd: New Version Notification for draft-farrell-httpbis-hoba-00.txt Stephen Farrell (Wednesday, 13 June)

Fwd: New Version Notification for draft-tbray-http-legally-restricted-status-00.txt Tim Bray (Tuesday, 12 June)

Fwd: Proposing Status Codes James M Snell (Tuesday, 12 June)

Proposing Status Codes Mark Nottingham (Monday, 11 June)

Fwd: I-D Action: draft-melnikov-httpbis-scram-auth-00.txt Alexey Melnikov (Monday, 11 June)

Significantly reducing headers footprint Willy Tarreau (Sunday, 10 June)

#307 (untangle Cache-Control ABNF) Julian Reschke (Sunday, 10 June)

Comments on draft-oiwa-httpbis-auth-extension-00 Alexey Melnikov (Sunday, 10 June)

Explicit Proxy (draft-rpeon-httpbis-exproxy) Yoav Nir (Sunday, 10 June)

Status code for censorship? Tim Bray (Sunday, 10 June)

#247: "intended usage" in our registries Mark Nottingham (Friday, 8 June)

Re: #346: Registry policies Mark Nottingham (Friday, 8 June)

WGLC #357: Authentication Exchanges Mark Nottingham (Friday, 8 June)

Reminder: Proposals for HTTP/2.0, Authentication Schemes Due Mark Nottingham (Friday, 8 June)

Proposal for cache control of pushed streams Alek Storm (Thursday, 7 June)

httpbis-method-registrations William A. Rowe Jr. (Thursday, 7 June)

SPDY Review Martin Nilsson (Thursday, 7 June)

Some thoughts on server push and client pull Gabriel Montenegro (Thursday, 7 June)

Re: #295: Applying original fragment to "plain" redirected URI (also #43) Julian Reschke (Monday, 4 June)

Re: #160: Redirects and non-GET methods Julian Reschke (Monday, 4 June)

Accept-Language language tag order Gordon P. Hemsley (Saturday, 28 April)

[httpauth] Mutual authentication proposal Yutaka OIWA (Monday, 4 June)

WGLC issue: following HTTP redirects Peter Saint-Andre (Friday, 1 June)

Fwd: Last Call: RFC 2818 (HTTP Over TLS) to Proposed Standard Alexey Melnikov (Friday, 1 June)

FYI: LCI -02 Mark Nottingham (Friday, 1 June)

WGLC #349: "strength" Mark Nottingham (Thursday, 31 May)

WGLC #348: Realms and scope Mark Nottingham (Thursday, 31 May)

WGLC #353: Multiple Values in Cache-Control headers Mark Nottingham (Thursday, 31 May)

New version of Memento I-D Herbert van de Sompel (Thursday, 24 May)

[ietf-http-wg] <none> Dang Thi Thu van (Thursday, 24 May)

Re: part 2, 5.1 "the response payload is a representation of the target resource" Bjoern Hoehrmann (Wednesday, 23 May)

404 Not Found Dang Thi Thu van (Tuesday, 22 May)

MIT PGP Key Server -- Email Help Dang Thi Thu van (Tuesday, 22 May)

add GETAJAX verb/method in http protocol Christian RIGONI (Tuesday, 22 May)

http-auth: Mutual - drafts updated Yutaka OIWA (Monday, 21 May)

Forward proxies and CDN/mirrors Jack Bates (Saturday, 19 May)

Improving page retrieval time Robert Mattson (Tuesday, 15 May)

Re: [apps-discuss] WGLC: draft-ietf-appsawg-http-forwarded-02.txt Andreas Petersson (Monday, 14 May)

Fwd: I-D Action: draft-designteam-weirds-using-http-00.txt Julian Reschke (Friday, 11 May)

Belated WGLC review of p6 (caching) Alexey Melnikov (Wednesday, 9 May)

Review of draft-ietf-httpbis-p5-range-19.txt Alexey Melnikov (Tuesday, 8 May)

Review of draft-ietf-httpbis-p7-auth-19.txt Alexey Melnikov (Tuesday, 8 May)

"SAML V2.0 Metadata Extensions for Login and Discovery User Interface" Albert Lunde (Thursday, 3 May) - Your Cancellation (12-612-4143) (Wednesday, 2 May)

Fwd: WGLC: draft-ietf-appsawg-http-forwarded-02.txt Mark Nottingham (Tuesday, 1 May)

Fwd: RFC 6585 on Additional HTTP Status Codes Julian Reschke (Monday, 30 April)

Re: #290: Motivate one-year limit for Expires Mark Baker (Saturday, 28 April)

Reminder: Call for Proposals - HTTP/2.0 and HTTP Authentication Mark Nottingham (Friday, 27 April)

CORRECTION: WG Action: RECHARTER: Hypertext Transfer Protocol Bis (httpbis) IESG Secretary (Thursday, 26 April)

#266: Header Microsyntax Mark Nottingham (Wednesday, 25 April)

#340: Tolerating CR Mark Nottingham (Wednesday, 25 April)

#322: Origin Mark Nottingham (Wednesday, 25 April)

IETF 83 - rough minutes Mark Nottingham (Tuesday, 24 April)

Comments/Issues on P1 Ben Niven-Jenkins (Monday, 23 April)

WGLC issue: P6 - Multiple values in Cache-Control headers Ben Niven-Jenkins (Monday, 23 April)

WGLC issue: P4 - ETags & conditional requests Ben Niven-Jenkins (Monday, 23 April)

HTTP status code for "response too large" Andreas Maier (Wednesday, 18 April)

Review of draft-ietf-httpbis-p4-conditional-19.txt Alexey Melnikov (Monday, 16 April)

2.0 and Radio Impacts/battery efficiency Salvatore Loreto (Thursday, 12 April)

FalseStart - another protocol tweak that failed Mike Belshe (Wednesday, 11 April)

Some proxy needs Nicolas Mailhot (Sunday, 8 April)

Last-Modified header in 304 and 206 responses Zhong Yu (Friday, 6 April)

Re: WGLC Issue for p4: Optionality of Conditional Request Support Ray Polk (Friday, 6 April)

FYI: CORS Last Call Mark Nottingham (Friday, 6 April)

IETF Dang Thi Thu van (Thursday, 5 April)

Re: SPDY = HTTP/2.0 or not ? Karl Dubost (Tuesday, 3 April)

Re: Backwards compatibility Mark Nottingham (Monday, 2 April)

NEW ISSUE: httpbis-p1 updates RFC 2818 as well (editorial) Paul Hoffman (Monday, 2 April)

Proposal to make draft-kucherawy-httpbis-summary a WG document Paul Hoffman (Monday, 2 April)

Re: Protocols, extensions, compatibility 陈智昌 (Sunday, 1 April)

Ascii-based SPDY "compression" idea Peter Lepeska (Sunday, 1 April)

Re: Adjusting our spec names Roberto Peon (Sunday, 1 April)

Re: multiplexing -- don't do it Roberto Peon (Sunday, 1 April)

Re: Make HTTP 2.0 message/transport format agnostic Tim Bray (Sunday, 1 April)

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