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Proposal to resolve Issue-108 Ian Horrocks (Thursday, 31 July)

ISSUE-136 (owl:members): Allow the use of owl:members with owl:AllDifferent OWL Working Group Issue Tracker (Thursday, 31 July)

Question: How do I derive the Functional Syntax grammar from the Diagrams? Michael Schneider (Thursday, 31 July)

Question: State of the DL-Semantics document Michael Schneider (Thursday, 31 July)

ISSUE-135 (noontologyheader): Should be able to import rdf serialized documents without ontology headers OWL Working Group Issue Tracker (Thursday, 31 July)

OWL 2 Metamodel Peter Haase (Wednesday, 30 July)

Peter's slides about the MOF metamodel Boris Motik (Tuesday, 29 July)

scribe system changes Sandro Hawke (Tuesday, 29 July)

Proposal for datatypes at 3F2F Boris Motik (Tuesday, 29 July)

profile names (some brainstorming) Sandro Hawke (Tuesday, 29 July)

day 1 minutes Sandro Hawke (Tuesday, 29 July)

Data stuff Bijan Parsia (Monday, 28 July)

Changes in Agenda for Boston F2F meeting Ian Horrocks (Saturday, 26 July)

Fwd: Clinical terminologies to OWL Bijan Parsia (Friday, 25 July)

Fwd: multilingual labels constraint in SKOS Alan Ruttenberg (Friday, 25 July)

ANN: OWLDiff 0.1 Petr Kremen (Thursday, 24 July)

Datetime datatype Bijan Parsia (Wednesday, 23 July)

An approach to xsd:dateTime Michael Smith (Wednesday, 23 July)

Resolution of ISSUE-125 Boris Motik (Wednesday, 23 July)

update to Rich Annotations serialization proposal Alan Ruttenberg (Wednesday, 23 July)

OWL Internationalized string - update Jie Bao (Wednesday, 23 July)

ISSUE-134 (owl metamodel): Metamodel for OWL 2 OWL Working Group Issue Tracker (Wednesday, 23 July)

new javascript for syntax selection Sandro Hawke (Wednesday, 23 July)

Frozen version of OWL2 Requirements editor's draft available Evan Wallace (Tuesday, 22 July)

Agenda for OWL WG Teleconference 2008-07-23 Alan Ruttenberg (Tuesday, 22 July)

resending message on quick reference Deborah L. McGuinness (Tuesday, 22 July)

owl:AllDifferent and owl:members Michael Schneider (Monday, 21 July)

[UFDTF] Minutes and next telecon Ian Horrocks (Monday, 21 July)

[Accessibility] O vs. O' and Diagrams Bijan Parsia (Monday, 21 July)

Agenda for F2F3 (Cambridge, MA, 28-29 July 2008) Ian Horrocks (Sunday, 20 July)

Differences in current OWL-R DL and OWL-R Full Michael Schneider (Saturday, 19 July)

ISSUE-125 Proposal to resolve Ian Horrocks (Friday, 18 July)

Re: OWL 2 Profiles and Horn-SHIQ Ian Horrocks (Friday, 18 July)

A comment about I18N proposal by Axel Polleres (ISSUE-126 and ISSUE-71) Boris Motik (Thursday, 17 July)

Top and bottom roles in DL-Lite (ACTION-161) Boris Motik (Wednesday, 16 July)

Resolution of ISSUE-67 implemented Boris Motik (Wednesday, 16 July)

Draft minutes from 16th of July 2008 available Boris Motik (Wednesday, 16 July)

A summary of the proposal for a datatype system of OWL 2 (ISSUE-126) Boris Motik (Wednesday, 16 July)

ACTION-159 Work to collect, propose how to address issues in making rdf list vocabulary (not) Alan Ruttenberg (Wednesday, 16 July)

Action-166 Draft sketch of how to serialize rdf annotation spaces - separate files Alan Ruttenberg (Wednesday, 16 July)

Teleconference.2008.07.16/Agenda Ian Horrocks (Tuesday, 15 July)

Agenda TC 16/07/2008 Héctor Pérez-Urbina (Tuesday, 15 July)

Second CfP OWLED 2008 Uli Sattler (Tuesday, 15 July)

Minutes of UFDTF Teleconference 2008.07.14 available for review Ian Horrocks (Monday, 14 July)

a few owl i18n comments (not about language tags) Phillips, Addison (Monday, 14 July)

ISSUE-67 use of reification in mapping rules is unwise (axiom annotation) Ian Horrocks (Monday, 14 July)

9th of July Telco Minutes ready for Review Michael Schneider (Saturday, 12 July)

A possible way of going forward with OWL-R unification (ISSUE-131) Boris Motik (Thursday, 10 July)

Proposal to close as withdrawn ISSUE-31 Bijan Parsia (Wednesday, 9 July)

Allowed types of punning (ISSUE-114) Boris Motik (Wednesday, 9 July)

Re: rif:text / owl:internationalizedString Jie Bao (Wednesday, 9 July)

Process Alan Ruttenberg (Wednesday, 9 July)

Re: I18N issues an OWL2 Phillips, Addison (Tuesday, 8 July)

Teleconference.2008.07.09/Agenda Ian Horrocks (Tuesday, 8 July)

Agenda TC 09/07/2008 Héctor Pérez-Urbina (Tuesday, 8 July)

A possible structure of the datatype system for OWL 2 (related to ISSUE-126) Boris Motik (Tuesday, 8 July)

wiki fixed Sandro Hawke (Tuesday, 8 July)

ISSUE-133 (una in dl-lite): DL-Lite Profile modified to include UNA OWL Working Group Issue Tracker (Tuesday, 8 July)

Undiscussed DL-Lite Changes: SameIndividuals out, UNA + Functional Properties in Michael Smith (Monday, 7 July)

ISSUE-87 proposal to resolve Ian Horrocks (Monday, 7 July)

Where I am about floats, etc. Bijan Parsia (Sunday, 6 July)

Re: Question about number types Alan Ruttenberg (Friday, 4 July)

draft of minutes from telecon of 2 July now available Evan Wallace (Thursday, 3 July)

Do we loose anything? (discussion on ISSUE-131) Ivan Herman (Thursday, 3 July)

Data URIs Bijan Parsia (Wednesday, 2 July)

Disjointness of Double and Float and Decimal Bijan Parsia (Wednesday, 2 July)

Examples in primer and structural spec Bijan Parsia (Wednesday, 2 July)

State of rich annotations Bijan Parsia (Wednesday, 2 July)

ISSUE-16 (entity annotations): A proposal for closing this issue without action Boris Motik (Wednesday, 2 July)

Action-164 suggestions (again) for unnamed individuals *in addition* to bnodes Alan Ruttenberg (Wednesday, 2 July)

ISSUE-128 Proposal to resolve Ian Horrocks (Wednesday, 2 July)

ISSUE-53 Proposal to resolve Ian Horrocks (Wednesday, 2 July)

ISSUE-31 Proposal to resolve Ian Horrocks (Wednesday, 2 July)

State of the N-ary Bijan Parsia (Wednesday, 2 July)

ISSUE-132 (constant2literal): Replace usage of "constant" with "literal" as defined by RDF and XML. [editorial] OWL Working Group Issue Tracker (Tuesday, 1 July)

Agenda TC 02/07/2008 Héctor Pérez-Urbina (Tuesday, 1 July)

Wrong action pointers in minutes Michael Schneider (Tuesday, 1 July)

Re: Issue-114 Bijan Parsia (Tuesday, 1 July)

Re: ISSUE-126 (Revisit Datatypes): The list of normative datatypes should be revisited Alan Ruttenberg (Tuesday, 1 July)

Re: RDF/XML shorthand for RDF reification Alan Ruttenberg (Tuesday, 1 July)

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