Re: RDF/XML shorthand for RDF reification

On Jul 2, 2008, at 1:49 AM, Michael Schneider wrote:
> Hm, I feel a bit uncomfortable, because I cannot easily tell that I
> understand the whole issue here (got lost in the discussion).

I'm totally lost too :)

> So I have to
> ask: Is it that the RDF mapping would produce fresh "random" URI  
> names as
> the root node of an axiom annotation?

That's my understanding.

> Sure, if there are two RDF graphs representing the same axiom  
> annotation,
> but having different URIs as their root nodes, then the one  
> annotation graph
> does not entail the other one. But what I was about in my original  
> private
> mail to Alan was that this situation isn't avoidable in OWL Full,  
> anyway. It
> definitely will be possible for OWL 2 Full authors to write an  
> ontology such
> as


I thought the key differences is that while this is *possible* (with  
explicit authorial effort) in OWL Full, the current proposal would  
make it happen *every time* you serialized a document. That is, the  
very *same* instance of an ontology, serialized twice, would end up  
with different names for the very same axiom.

That's a lot stronger than the mere possibility of deliberate variant  
naming of structurally identical axioms by users!


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