Re: Question: How do I derive the Functional Syntax grammar from the Diagrams?

On 31 Jul 2008, at 08:48, Michael Schneider wrote:

> Hi!
> After the Metamodel session at F2F3, I am still confused about one  
> point:
> How is it possible to automatically generate the Functional Syntax  
> grammar
> from the diagrams?

Think of the Metamodel as a nondeterministic machine and a concrete  
grammar as *one* run of that machine. Different runs can make  
different choices thus ending up with different grammars that conform  
to the abstract description.

Thus, to generate a particular grammar you have to additionally  
specify some choices.

> IIRC, it has been claimed that this will be possible.
> Take for example class assertions, which have the following grammar
> according to sec. 8.5.3 of the Syntax document:
>   ClassAssertion := 'ClassAssertion' '(' { Annotation }  
> ClassExpression Individual ')'
> One must not change the ordering of the arguments in a class  
> assertion,

See above. A functional syntax with the reverse ordering would be  
perfectly coherent.

> because this would swap a class expression and an individual.
> However, the respective diagram at the beginning of sec. 8.5 [1]
> does not contain such ordering information for ClassAssertion.
> And I do not know how it is possible to specify such a ordering in  
> UML,
> at least for situations, where different types are involved
> (classes and individuals in our case).

Adding ordering to the diagram would import concrete details into the  
abstract view.

Think of it this way: Suppose you wanted to use dictionary/hash  
tables as your api. So a class assertion would be something like:

{"type": "ClassAssertion";
  "Individual": someURi;
  "ClassExpression": someClassExpression}

Oh NOES! I got the sequence of individual and classexpression wrong  
way around!!!

Obviously, it doesn't matter for this linear syntax, so the above  
reaction would be incorrect.

Hope this helps.


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