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We have made progress on the quick reference document and we will 
continue to make progress on it prior to the f2f meeting.
A version of it is up at:
At the F2F meeting, we would appreciate feedback on the structure  
(currently we are mostly following the structure of the syntax document 
but in the user facing documents meeting this morning, there was 
agreement that we will most likely want to change that).
We would also like people to notice the plan for linking to the syntax 
document and the primer document (and because of that plan, we also will 
be making a request for some tags in those documents for us to link to).

Also, as you can see at the top of the document, our plan is to also 
generate a printable version along the lines of
We will not generate that form though until we finalize the content.

Since we will be continuing to work on the document this week, we 
suggest looking at it later in the week.
We will not be voting on this document at the meeting  but will be using 
the discussion time for feedback.

Elisa, Deborah, and Evan

Received on Tuesday, 22 July 2008 02:53:33 UTC