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9th of July Telco Minutes ready for Review

[Accessibility] O vs. O' and Diagrams

[meta] voting preparation time

[UFDTF] Minutes and next telecon

A comment about I18N proposal by Axel Polleres (ISSUE-126 and ISSUE-71)

a few owl i18n comments (not about language tags)

A possible structure of the datatype system for OWL 2 (related to ISSUE-126)

A possible way of going forward with OWL-R unification (ISSUE-131)

A summary of the proposal for a datatype system of OWL 2 (ISSUE-126)

ACTION-159 Work to collect, propose how to address issues in making rdf list vocabulary (not)

Action-164 suggestions (again) for unnamed individuals *in addition* to bnodes

Action-166 Draft sketch of how to serialize rdf annotation spaces - separate files

Agenda for F2F3 (Cambridge, MA, 28-29 July 2008)

Agenda for OWL WG Teleconference 2008-07-23

Agenda TC 02/07/2008

Agenda TC 09/07/2008

Agenda TC 16/07/2008

Allowed types of punning (ISSUE-114)

An approach to xsd:dateTime

ANN: OWLDiff 0.1

AW: Peter's slides about the MOF metamodel

Changes in Agenda for Boston F2F meeting

Data stuff

Data URIs

Datetime datatype

day 1 minutes

Detection, where? How? (was Re: Allowed types of punning (ISSUE-114))

Differences in current OWL-R DL and OWL-R Full

discussion of ISSUE-16 - was draft of minutes from telecon of 2 July now available

Disjointness of Double and Float and Decimal

Do we loose anything? (discussion on ISSUE-131)

Doubts about the proposal to resolve ISSUE-5 [WAS: Teleconference.2008.07.09/Agenda]

Draft minutes from 16th of July 2008 available

draft of LC comment to XML Schema WG

draft of minutes from telecon of 2 July now available

Examples in primer and structural spec

Float and double in constants, but not descriptions (was Re: A summary of the proposal for a datatype system of OWL 2 (ISSUE-126))

Frozen version of OWL2 Requirements editor's draft available

Fwd: Clinical terminologies to OWL

Fwd: multilingual labels constraint in SKOS

Fwd: OWL has a problem???

I18N issues an OWL2


Issue-114 (punning)

ISSUE-114 [RE: Teleconference.2008.07.09/Agenda]

ISSUE-125 Proposal to resolve

ISSUE-126 (Revisit Datatypes): A new proposal for the real <-> float <-> double conundrum

ISSUE-126 (Revisit Datatypes): A proposal for resolution

ISSUE-126 (Revisit Datatypes): The list of normative datatypes should be revisited

ISSUE-128 Proposal to resolve

ISSUE-132 (constant2literal): Replace usage of "constant" with "literal" as defined by RDF and XML. [editorial]

ISSUE-133 (una in dl-lite): DL-Lite Profile modified to include UNA

ISSUE-134 (owl metamodel): Metamodel for OWL 2

ISSUE-135 (noontologyheader): Should be able to import rdf serialized documents without ontology headers

ISSUE-136 (owl:members): Allow the use of owl:members with owl:AllDifferent

ISSUE-16 (entity annotations): A proposal for closing this issue without action

ISSUE-31 Proposal to resolve

ISSUE-53 Proposal to resolve

ISSUE-67 use of reification in mapping rules is unwise (axiom annotation)

ISSUE-87 proposal to resolve

Minutes of UFDTF Teleconference 2008.07.14 available for review

named graphs (was Re: Data URIs)

new javascript for syntax selection

OWL 2 Metamodel

OWL 2 Profiles and Horn-SHIQ

OWL has a problem???

OWL Internationalized string - update

owl:AllDifferent and owl:members

Peter's slides about the MOF metamodel

Phone bridge setup (was Re: I18N issues an OWL2)


profile names (some brainstorming)

Proposal for datatypes at 3F2F

Proposal to close as withdrawn ISSUE-31

Proposal to resolve Issue-108

Proposal to resolve ISSUE-135 (noontologyheader): Should be able to import rdf serialized documents without ontology headers

Question about number types

Question: How do I derive the Functional Syntax grammar from the Diagrams?

Question: State of the DL-Semantics document

RDF/XML shorthand for RDF reification

resending message on quick reference

Resolution of ISSUE-125

Resolution of ISSUE-67 implemented

rif:text / owl:internationalizedString

scribe system changes

Second CfP OWLED 2008

State of rich annotations

State of the N-ary



Top and bottom roles in DL-Lite (ACTION-161)

Undiscussed DL-Lite Changes: SameIndividuals out, UNA + Functional Properties in

update to Rich Annotations serialization proposal

Use areas (Re: State of the N-ary)

Where I am about floats, etc.

Where I am about floats, etc. - ISSUE-126

wiki fixed

Wrong action pointers in minutes

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