ISSUE-134 (owl metamodel): Metamodel for OWL 2

ISSUE-134 (owl metamodel): Metamodel for OWL 2

Raised by: Peter Haase
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The current structural specification includes a number of UML diagrams. While thus far not made explicit, these diagrams are intended to be compliant with the MOF (MetaObject Facility). The specification of a language in terms of a MOF metamodel allows for a more precise formal specification, provides a machine readable format of the specification and enables the use of a range of MOF-based software tools. 

We therefore propose to make the use of MOF for the structural specification explicit by:

1) stating that the UML diagrams in the Structural Syntax document are consistent with a MOF compliant specification of the structural syntax

2) potentially adding a machine-readable serialization and high-level documentation of a MOF metamodel for OWL 2 as an additional document

This specification might also serve as a starting point for the standardization of an OWL 2 metamodel within the ODM WG of the OMG.

Received on Wednesday, 23 July 2008 12:23:20 UTC