Re: A possible structure of the datatype system for OWL 2 (related to ISSUE-126)

I completely agree that a final proposal must deal with peculiarities  
of infinities, multiple zeros, and NaN. We have not yet addressed  
those issues, but there are many possible solutions entirely  
compatible the presented proposal.

My hope was to find agreement on the general structure of the datatype  
system, pending a satisfactory solution to these specific technical  

On 9 Jul 2008, at 15:22, Evan Wallace wrote:

> Let me go on record as opposing proposals that simple gloss over the  
> peculiarities of
> float and double and treat them as reals (thus I am agreeing with  
> Bijan's and Michael Smith's
> positions).  I would vastly prefer that we define our own real type  
> and use some explicit
> type coercion to compare values across these and other datatypes.
> -Evan

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