Re: A possible way of going forward with OWL-R unification (ISSUE-131)

Michael Schneider wrote:
>> If (B) implementer chooses #2, can it announce that it is an OWL-R
>> implementation? In my view that is not the case, because it cannot
>> ensure interoperability with (A). What it implements is OWL-R plus
>> something, so to say. It of course correctly handles all bona fide OWL-R
>> graphs, but slightly more than that.
>> My claim is that we have to have a clear reference to what this OWL-R
>> plus something is, with a clear identification in the standard document.
>> If we do not want to call it a 'profile' but something else, that is
>> fine with me. We can refer to it as a semantic subset of OWL-Full. We
>> can call it 'OWL-R++', 'OWL-R Full', 'OWL-R/RDF', whatever (the latter
>> was the name proposed by Boris).  But there has to be a clear,
>> undisputable reference to the 'thing' that this implementation does and
>> my claim is that the name 'OWL-R' does not properly cut it. Note that,
>> editorially, it can be as simple as giving a clear identification in the
>> document for the rule set (it will be part of the document anyway) and
>> call it a decent name that one can clearly refer to without looking at
>> anything else.
> Thanks, Ivan, now I understand the naming issue. 
> Perhaps, we really should give a name to this "triple-rule thingy". Because, otherwise, it will be the users and implementers who will introduce a name for it. And I'm afraid I can anticipate what this name will probably be...

Putting another way: it will be a huge mess...:-)


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