Re: An approach to xsd:dateTime

On 25 Jul 2008, at 12:45, Deborah L. McGuinness wrote:

> My applications make heavy use of xsd datetime.
> my issue in applications is that i have unpredictable data details.
> sometimes i have year, month, day,  (sometimes with and sometimes  
> without timezone)
> and sometimes i also have hour and minutes (and sometimes even  
> seconds) sometimes with and sometimes without timezone.
> so i would NOT support a requirement that all data either does or  
> does have a time zone ;
> i would support an approach that allows me to have optional timezones.

Then it seems to me that we need a fairly detailed proposal or  
requirements or examples from you. The datetime stuff *quickly* gets  
ratholey, esp. from an implementation point of view. If we are going  
to include *something* not essentially trivial, we need active  

And the real question, I'd wager, is what can we realistically get  
interop on. You're probably not much worse off if timezones are a non- 
standard extension than if *all* of datetime is a non-standard  


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