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"Controlled environments" in scope for HTML working group

"HTML5, it is a changin" performed

"vastly increases reverse-engineering costs" and version proposal

(not really) Re: Alternate proposals for ISSUE-83

<iframe doc="">

<iframe> operation

<summary> element and Issue 32

<summary> not for table (was Re: Next issues to move forward on)

@profile and HTML spec experimenting

[Bug 5758] insufficient accessibility fallback for <audio> or <video>

[Bug 5821] meta/@scheme missing

[Bug 7386] SharedWorkerGlobalScope

[Bug 7510] Allow elements beyond just HTML, MathML, and SVG into SVG element

[Bug 7542] Remove Section 5. Microdata

[Bug 8000] ARIA roles added to the a element should be conforming in HTML5

[Bug 8003] line breaks in attributes (especially title)

[Bug 8088] Change back the meaning of <meta http-equiv="Content-Language" content="FOO, BAR">

[Bug 8118] Remove the Hidden Attribute

[Bug 8187] Section 4.8.7 on video makes no reference to audio description

[Bug 8246] what about IE parsing problems?

[Bug 8331] Move the Canvas 2D context API into a separate spec

[Bug 8365] Remove the Web Browsers Section 5

[Bug 8379] Remove Section 4.11.1 The Details Element

[Bug 8401] Remove section 4.12 regarding idioms

[Bug 8404] Refocus the figure element back to being a figure

[Bug 8447] Tighter definition on the aside element

[Bug 8449] Remove extraneous material from Table section

[Bug 8552] Remove the Progress Element

[Bug 8555] Remove the Meter Element

[Bug 8611] Consider adding a full schema to H:TML

[Bug 8617] Purpose of the icon attribute

[Bug 8619] Problematic for assistive technologies

[Bug 8620] No concept of interoperability beyond the site

[Bug 8621] Orphan nodes in content models

[Bug 8622] Activation behaviour and pre-click activation

[Bug 8623] Graceful degradation when using the style element

[Bug 8657] Allow UA to reload fallback content if it fails to load

[Bug 8658] Availability of captions or additional audio tracks

[Bug 8659] Media events to indicate captions and audio descriptions

[Bug 8671] Requiring the label attribute

[Bug 8674] Add popup as a value for the type attribute for menu element

[Bug 8736] Decision to playback for media should be left to the user agent

[Bug 8818] Remove the srcdoc attribute

[Fwd: 2047 in 2388: encoded words in multipart/form-data]

[VER 2] {agenda} HTML WG telcon 2010-01-21: AIs, CfC/CfPs, and heartbeat docs

[whatwg] some thoughts on sandboxed IFRAMEs

ACTION-103 Follow up on the about: scheme Registration

ACTION-138 ARIA matrix (was: Re: [VER 2] {agenda} HTML WG telcon 2010-01-21: AIs, CfC/CfPs, and heartbeat docs)

ACTION-161 / ISSUE 88: Multiple content languages

ACTION-166: Recheck status of issues 10 and 73

aged bugs

Alternate proposals for ISSUE-83

Bob Dylan meets HTML5

Browser implementations, prior to rec, used for justification

Call for Exclusions (Update): HTML+RDFa

Canvas Accessibility Next steps

CfC: Close ISSUE-35 aria-processing (ends 2009-12-17)

CfC: Close ISSUE-59 normative-language-reference extended to 2010-01-07

CfC: Close ISSUE-67 h:tml-parsing-dom - extended to 2010-01-07

CfC: Close ISSUE-73 predefined-voc (ends 2009-12-17)

CfC: Publish HTML5 Microdata as First Public Working Draft and a

CfC: Publish HTML5 Microdata as First Public Working Draft and a new HTML5 Working Draft

Chairs Solicit Proposals for 89, 90, 91, 92, 95 **CORRECTION**

Change Proposal for ISSUE-66

CHANGE PROPOSAL: Remove ping and hyperlink auditing (ISSUE-1 and ISSUE-2)

Change Proposals and Counter-Proposals (was Re: Issues 89 through 97)

charter and votes to publish documents

comments on draft-barth-mime-sniffing

Comparison between <sandbox> and @sandbox

Costs and Benefits of Early Implementations (was Re: The harm that can come if the W3C supports publication of competing specs)

Decentralised extensibility idea (ISSUE-41)

Decentralized poetry markup (language)

Decentralized poetry markup (language) (ISSUE-41)

details should be a child

Disallow plug-ins in text/html-sandboxed? (was: Re: text/sandboxed-html)

Discussion on Change Proposal for ISSUE-66

draft HTML5: Techniques for the provision of text alternatives

Dublin Core review of HTML5

Extension granted on some Change Proposals

Fieldset disabled attribute and descendants

Fwd: New Version Notification - draft-nottingham-http-link-header-07.txt

FYI for minutes: irc - [18:05] <Zakim> + +1.613.998.aabb

FYI: review of draft-abarth-mime-sniff-03

Getting lots of out-of-process plugin hangs

hidden versus discoverable meta-data

HTML CHANGE PROPOSAL; change definition of URL to normative reference to IRIBIS

HTML Tables Freeze Panes

HTML WG F2F meeting

HTML+RDFa Heartbeat Draft publishing request

HTML5 Recommendation Additions for Integrating X3D Graphics

HTML5 Recommendation document review comments

Inadequate rationales (Was: Change Proposals and Counter-Proposals)

INVALID_STATE_ERR or INVALID_ACCESS_ERR when attempting to write into XML documents

Invitation to connect on LinkedIn

IRI working group approved by IETF, call for volunteers for co-chair with W3C/IETF experience

Issue 83 Change Proposal - <fbody>, <dbody>

Issue 83 Change Proposal - caption attribute

ISSUE-1 and ISSUE-2 - Chairs Solicit Alternate Proposals or Counter-Proposals

ISSUE-10: video-smil - Chairs Solicit Proposals

ISSUE-27: rel-ownership - Chairs Solicit Proposals

ISSUE-27: rel-ownership Change Proposal discussion

ISSUE-30 (Longdesc) Change Proposal

ISSUE-30: longdesc - Chairs Solicit Alternate Proposals or Counter-Proposals

ISSUE-55 - head-profile

ISSUE-74: canvas-accessibility - Chairs Solicit Proposals

ISSUE-79: meta-keywords - Chairs Solicit Proposals

ISSUE-81: representation-vs-resource - Chairs Solicit Proposals

ISSUE-82 - profile-disambiguation - Chairs Solicit Proposals

ISSUE-83 alternate Change Proposal - fcaption and dlabel elements (or similar)

ISSUE-84 / ISSUE-4 Change Proposal (was Re: {agenda} HTML WG telecon 2010-01-07)

ISSUE-85 - anchor-roles - Chairs Solicit Proposals

ISSUE-86 - atom-id-stability - Chairs Solicit Proposals

ISSUE-87: attr-normalization - Chairs Solicit Proposals

ISSUE-88: content-language-multiple - Chairs Solicit Proposals

ISSUE-89 idioms - Chairs Solicit Proposals

ISSUE-90 figure - Chairs Solicit Proposals

ISSUE-91 aside - Chairs Solicit Proposals

ISSUE-92 cleanuptable - Chairs Solicit Proposals

ISSUE-93 (details): Return Details Element [HTML 5 spec]

ISSUE-93 details - Call for Change Proposals

ISSUE-94 webcoresplit - Call for Proposals

ISSUE-95 hidden - Chairs Solicit Proposals

ISSUE-95 hidden - Chairs Solicit Proposals - off topic object

ISSUE-96 progress - Call for Change Proposals

ISSUE-97 meter - Call for Change Proposals

ISSUE-98 canvas2d - Call for Change Proposals

Issues 89 through 97

ITS in html Re: HTML+RDFa Heartbeat Draft publishing request

label is now associated with progress and meter

Legacy Doctype and Doctype Versioning


Microdata to RDF conversion

Minutes: HTML 5 Canvas Accessibility Call

Minutes: HTML 5 Canvas Accessibility Call January 18, 2010 (text version)

new bug add conformance criteria info to header/banner

New round of Working Drafts (was Re: New split-out drafts)

New split-out drafts

New split-out drafts vs. modular design

Next issues to move forward on

obsoleting and the text/html MIME type (re Taking another round at @summary)

Opera investigating implementation of image map on canvas

order of arguments in window.postMessage()

over specification is anti-competitive (blog post)

Pending tracker issues

polyglot XHTML/HTML and <!DOCTYPE html about:legacy-compat>

Proposal: Canvas accessibility and a media querries approach for alternative content (Action Item 6 in the HTML Accessibility Task Force)

Proposed accessible name and description calculations for TABLE markup

Public feedback on HTML5 video

public-html-bugzilla list [was: ISSUE 93 (details): Return Details Element [HTML 5 spec]]

Publish HTML5 Microdata as First Public Working Draft and a new HTML5 Working Draft

Publishing HTML+RDFa WD

Recently resolved issues

Registries, meta/name=keyword, head/@profile (ISSUE-27, ISSUE-55 and ISSUE-79)

Reminder: WAI-ARIA review deadline 2 February 2010

Remove .played from media elements

Remove Hidden Attribute

remove the meter element

remove the progress element

Removing Sections

removing the srcdoc

Request for group input on ISSUE-83 (figure and details captions)

RETRACTION: ISSUE-98 canvas2d - Call for Change Proposals

sections removed, current and ongoing

Should <video> buffer control be tri-state?

spec verbosity and algorithms

splits, discussions, and manic behavior

Splitting out Communication Section

Suggestion for Microdata to RDF conversion

Taking another round at @summary


Thanks Maciej!

The Canvas 2D API split

The harm that can come if the W3C supports publication of competing specs

Trying to use <iframe srcdoc= >

Understanding the "applicable specifications" clause

Understanding the "applicable specifications" clause (was: Re: Decentralised extensibility idea (ISSUE-41))

Updated DOCTYPE versioning change proposal (ISSUE-4)

W3C document license Re: ISSUE-27: rel-ownership - Chairs Solicit Proposals

What defines a "plugin"? WRT sandboxing?

wiki pages for CANVAS accessibility meetings & minutes

Work on Alternate Proposals for ISSUE-83 dt-dd-semantics

Working Group Decision on ISSUE-76 Microdata/RDFa

would like more time on ACTION-172 (ISSUE-4 and ISSUE-84)

XHTML Syntax Served as text/html (Was: Decentralized poetry markup (language))

XSS risk from iframe@doc?

{agenda} HTML WG telcon 2010-01-21: AIs, CfC/CfPs, and heartbeat docs

{agenda} HTML WG telecon 2010-01-07

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