Re: Taking another round at @summary

Maciej Stachowiak wrote:
> On Jan 5, 2010, at 5:06 PM, John Foliot wrote:
>> Really? Last I checked *none* of ARIA has been incorporated into HTML5...
>> the only attributes that <table> can take (according to the current draft
>> - are the
>> "Global Attributes" -
>> - and @summary.  
>> Oh,
>> and I double checked at the current Editor's Draft as well -
>> - and 
>> nothing
>> seems to have changed.
> HTML5 has incorporated all of ARIA for some time, and all aria-* 
> attributes are allowed on any element, as long as they don't conflict 
> with strong native semantics.
> Here it is in the latest Working Draft:
> Here it is in the Editor's Draft:
> John, I know you must be aware that ARIA is in the spec because this has 
> been discussed many times at great length, on the mailing list, at the 
> telecons, at TPAC, and so forth. These discussions were before, during 
> and after the inclusion. I think maybe you are getting a little 
> over-passionate about this issue, and as a result perhaps generating 
> more heat than light in this thread. Now might be a good time to take 
> some time out, and then come back later and see if you can communicate 
> your points in a calm and fact-based way.

Well. John checked the definition of <table>, plus the section about 
global attributes, and didn't find aria-*. So maybe there's something 
that needs to be enhanced here?

With respect to the original discussion: you are right that this is a 
permathread, so it would be good to have this issue resolved following 
our decision policy.

Best regards, Julian

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