Re: <iframe doc="">

On 1/18/10 6:48 PM, Joe D Williams wrote:
> If you use <object> or <embed> I think you will
> find events do not work the same as for <iframe>.

I assure you that in Gecko they do.

> For example if <iframe> we try to limit access so that the 'nested' DOM acts like it is
> not accessible from the host DOM.

I have no idea what you're talking about here.  In Gecko, both <object>s 
and <iframe>s expose a contentDocument property which returns the 
document inside.

<iframe> and <frame> also have an extension property called 
contentWindow which <object> does not, but it's trivial to get to the 
window from the document.

The only difference I'm aware of between the two is in handling 
javascript: URIs, and that's due to <object> not knowing whether it's a 
subdocument that early in the process.


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