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Henri Sivonen wrote:
> On Jan 21, 2010, at 01:03, Mark Nottingham wrote:
>> - The registry will be available in a machine-readable form, so that people can incorporate it in validators, etc. The machine-readable form is NOT available on the Web (to avoid load issues, such as those seen with W3C's DTD hosting); rather, they're available on a mailing list, so that vendors can redistribute it as they see fit.
> When you say redistribute as they see fit, do you mean only verbatim redistribution or also distribution under a Free Software license if a vendor so sees fit?
> Last I checked, the general IANA policy was that verbatim distribution of the registry files (with attribution) was permitted, but making changes or permitting downstream recipients to make changes (even if saying that the files have been changed) wasn't permitted. Thus, the IANA registry licensing (as it has been communicated to me by IANA) isn't Free in the Free Software sense.
> This poses problems to, which aims to be a Free Software validator for HTML5. At present, the HTML5 validity definition depends on the IANA language subtag registry and on the IANA encoding name (charset) registry. (I'm not sure if the validity definition depends on the MIME type registry anywhere.)
> ...


I think the copyright question is fixable. The web linking draft is in 
(a 2nd) IETF Last Call, ending in four weeks from now. Just raise your 

With respect to the IANA-vs-Wiki discussion in another sub-thread...: 
how are you planning to deal with using the Wiki contents in the 
validator code? (just asking...)

Best regards, Julian

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