Re: HTML CHANGE PROPOSAL; change definition of URL to normative reference to IRIBIS

Regarding HTML working group ISSUE-56:  should be updated, since "Bug is still open and change has not been rejected by the editor." is no longer true: bug 8207<> has been marked as RESOLVED with resolution NEEDSINFO.

Although I think the "change" section of the "Change Proposal" itself is complete, now that Hixie's given his reasons for rejecting the change, the next step should be to write a Change Proposal which actually addresses Hixie's rejection as part of its rationale. I think February 19 is a reasonable deadline for that, although I'll try to do so much sooner.

(By the way, in a previous discussion, someone offered to date and link to revision control version information for the issue-status page - please do so.)


Received on Tuesday, 19 January 2010 23:51:55 UTC