Re: polyglot XHTML/HTML and <!DOCTYPE html about:legacy-compat>

Larry Masinter wrote:
> I understand the XSLT use case. I am asking very specifically
> about the XML-editor-being-used-for-XHTML-then-served-as-html
> use case, and gave seven URLs for documentation about (different?)
> XML editors which allude to using the DOCTYPE declaration to
> control the XML editor's behavior.

I don't know all referenced editors in detail, but at least oXygen and
XML Mind are able (and it is preferred way) to bind schema/behaviour
based on namespace of edited document.

I suppose that every reasonable XML editor should support binding based
on namespace or at least XML catalogs (as David mentioned) -- otherwise
it would be very uncomfortable for user to fetch DTD (presuming that it
is even existing) on each file opening.


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