Re: Alternate proposals for ISSUE-83

On Thu, 14 Jan 2010, Tab Atkins Jr. wrote:
> It also has a moderately pleasing (to me, at least) parallel with 
> <tbody>, which serves the same purpose of being an optional wrapper for 
> the body contents of the table.  Styling opportunities with <tbody> are 
> fewer due to the limitations imposed by the table formatting model, but 
> it still finds plenty of use in my CSS.  I used it just today to cleanly 
> apply a border to just the <td>s in the body of a stats table, avoiding 
> the placeholder <td> in the <thead> (serving just to take up a cell in 
> the upper-left, as the table had both row and column headers).

I think the parallel with <tbody> might be what is putting some people off 
-- <tbody> has been quite a big pain in the neck for many years, with 
weird edge cases, parsing oddities, styling difficulties, etc. I'm not 
saying we couldn't do it right, but it certainly isn't trivial.

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