Re: Splitting out Communication Section

On Jan 10, 2010, at 8:01 AM, Shelley Powers wrote:

> Apologies, I had sent this to wrong email group:
> I had originally closed the bug about splitting out the Communications
> Section into its own spec, but I'm wondering now if I should re-open
> it.
> Currently, the document[1] is described as an HTML5 document, but the
> intention of this split is that it eventually find a home in the Web
> Applications group. It definitely fits within the WebApps charter [2]
> more than it does our own.
> I'm also concerned about the references to the WhatWG document in the
> specification. I don't feel that's appropriate in a W3C specification,
> because all this does is create confusion. Frankly, I don't think we,
> or the WhatWG, are doing enough to prevent such confusion.
> What should I do at this point? Should I re-open the bug? Do we need
> to approach someone in the WebApps group about publishing it as a FPWD
> in that group? If we have edits we want to make to this document, do
> we do these edits in this group?

Ian has proposed the split out spec as a work item to the Web Apps WG:  
 >. Despite some initial hesitation from one of the Web Apps WG co- 
chairs, I think it's likely the Web Apps WG will accept it.

If the Web Apps WG declines for some reason (perhaps due to the huge  
number of specs it is already responsible for), then we can consider  
publishing it here, via our usual FPWD process.

If the spec gets to FPWD in the HTML Working Group, then it will have  
its own component in the bug tracker. At that time, anyone will be  
free to file bug on the details of the Communications spec, including  
its references to HTML5. If it goes to FPWD in the Web Apps Working  
Group instead, then the process for commenting is a bit less formal,  
but as I understand it the W3C bug tracker is at least one accepted  
way to comment on that group's specs. I imagine the Web Apps WG would  
not want to publish specs that claim to be part of HTML5.

It seems to me that what you requested in the bug, removing the  
Communications section from the spec, was in fact done. Thus, I think  
the right thing to do per process would be to confirm that the bug has  
been addressed and mark the bug CLOSED. Alternately, you could leave  
it in RESOLVED state as a reminder to yourself to consider filing  
follow-up bugs on the split-out spec, if and when it gets to FPWD  
somewhere. Or you could reopen the bug if there's anything in the  
HTML5 spec itself relating to the split that seems wrong (for example  
if part of the section was somehow not removed).

Hope this helps,

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