RE: The harm that can come if the W3C supports publication of competing specs

Maciej Stachowiak wrote:
> John, please let's keep it professional. I'm asking everyone who wants
> to participate in this thread to avoid rudeness and personal attacks.

My observation was neither personal nor rude, although perhaps blunt. 

It is my professional opinion that any developer or development group that
completely forgoes W3C standards will in fact be shooting themselves in
the foot, as institutions such as I have previously consulted to (Canadian
Government agencies) as well as many educational institutions (such as
where I am currently employed) will very much have to deal with this
reality, and if they are left with having to make a choice it should be
abundantly clear which choice those institutions will likely make.

As well, I am personally offended that a participant to this list
effectively stated that he doesn't care what the W3C is doing or will do.
I consider that a slap in the face to all of the hard working and
committed members of this list who *DO* care what the W3C does, and are
working to ensure that this specification meets the needs of all
contributors.  If Aryeh doesn't care what the W3C does, why is he hanging
around this list?

I have nothing more to add to this thread.


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