Re: "Controlled environments" in scope for HTML working group

On Sat, 2 Jan 2010, Larry Masinter wrote:
> First, and most importantly, the "controlled environments" of the world 
> are definitely part of the web. While you might argue about who might 
> define this in general, the scope of W3C working groups is determined by 
> W3C members, and I can assert with some certainty that the W3C members 
> who fund the W3C are as concerned -- if not more concerned -- about 
> "controlled environments" as they are about the public web. (The WhatWG 
> constituency is of course different, but we're talking about the scope 
> of W3C HTML WG, and not the scope of WhatWG.)

Since our charter states that:

# The HTML Working Group will actively pursue convergence with WHATWG seems that the scope of the WHATWG is also relevant in this 
particular case.

For what it's worth, the guidance given by the chairs on this topic [1] is 
consistent with the position the WHATWG has been following for the past 
six years or so in the development of HTML5, so I don't think there's 
anything that needs to change to make the working group's deliverables 
consistent with that guidance.


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