RE: ISSUE-81: representation-vs-resource - Chairs Solicit Proposals

> If there's really no way to address this without 
> many months of work, for what is ultimately an 
> editorial issue, then I'd have to question whether
>  it needs to be a showstopper at all.

Roy didn't claim it would take many months of work.
I don't think anyone asserted that addressing this
issue would take many months of work. Roy's claim
is that while Hixie continues to make major
editorial changes throughout the document, that work
put in now would be likely wasted, since Hixie doesn't
agree with the editorial changes and could well
rewrite the sections again.

Is it your assertion that issues that are "ultimately
editorial" do not actually need to be addressed?

The alternative which is clearly within the chair's
discretion is:

" With prior permission from the chairs, a high-level 
 prose description of the changes to be made."

Given Roy's rationale, I think allowing a change
proposal with a high-level prose descriptions of
the changes to be made would be useful.


Received on Monday, 18 January 2010 18:07:43 UTC