Re: Taking another round at @summary

On Jan 5, 2010, at 20:24, Denis Boudreau wrote:

> For instance, here in Quebec (Canada), like most public administrations, we are putting together our own adaption of WCAG 2.0, an accessibility standard called SGQRI 008. 
> In that standard, the use of the @summary is mandatory for complex data tables. Mandatory.

Is the latest version of the Quebec standard draft? If so, it indeed says: "9. En matière de tableau : a) dans un site Web public, un tableau complexe de données doit comporter un résumé indiqué à l’aide de l’attribut summary ;"

WCAG 2.0 itself is syntax-agnostic (format-agnostic even) by design. Since the Quebec standard draft loses this important characteristic of WCAG 2.0, I encourage you to report this a bug to drafters of SGQRI 008. 

Henri Sivonen

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