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> To: Doug Schepers; Shelley Powers
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> Subject: RE: The Canvas 2D API split
> To be fair, Ian created the split as a response to the bug I filed (as requested
> by Sam) requesting this change. This was based on all the previous
> discussions on this topic. Eliot has been continuing to edit the document that
> Doug started and put a fair amount of effort into this. The content of the
> spec has been in some limbo waiting for the split from the main HTML5 spec
> to happen. As I proposed previously, I think Eliot's version should be
> modified to delete section 2 and only define the 2D context API. I believe this
> is compatible with the change Ian has made.
> We've been trying to follow the process. I filed a bug. Ian dealt with and
> resolved the bug. If Ian had disagreed then I would have written a change
> proposal. With the change incorporated into the spec, we now need to
> address the issue of where the canvas API is defined. Eliot is now intending
> to update his draft to be compatible with the split that Ian has made. Ian also
> has an API draft.  With the work that Eliot has put into editing the version he
> took on from Doug, we'd like to continue to edit that document. The
> document isn't ready for FPWD yet but we'd like to move in that direction.
> Alternatively, Ian's document might be the definitive 2D API and that move
> to FPWD. The working group should come to agreement about which
> outcome is desirable.
> Regards,
> Adrian.

Greetings, All.

There have been a few posts in this and other threads [1, 2] asking what I have been editing on the Canvas 2D API specification that was broken out as a draft, so I thought I’d take a minute to give a brief update.

At TPAC, the chairs suggested that someone initiate a more formal process to derive consensus for breaking the Canvas 2D API from the HTML5 spec. After discussions between Ian and me, and Ian and the chairs, we were at agreement that I might edit the Canvas 2D API spec alongside Ian, should consensus be found for separation. Following the working group process, on Nov 18 Adrian opened bug 8331 requesting that the 2D API be moved to a separate document. [3] At Microsoft, we discussed how we would prepare a change proposal should the bug be rejected but the next step was to wait for Ian’s consideration. Nevertheless, I have continued to work on the Canvas 2D API document.

Since TPAC, I have been working on the following things:
-hunting for and incorporating updates made to the Canvas 2D API section that was a part of HTML5. Based on my findings, I am confident that the relatively small changes made since Doug created the split copy in August will be quickly and completely incorporated into the version that I edited for readability.
-rectifying the cross-link dependencies between the Canvas 2D API spec and the HTML5 spec, posted on the public-canvas list. [4] The work that Ian has done this past week may mitigate many issues here.
-continuing to build readability and logic into the spec, as I had done originally.
-looking into the ReSpec tool that Robin Berjon demonstrated at TPAC. I am currently in the midst of migrating the enhanced version of Canvas 2D API to that schema. Big thanks to Robin for his help.

I am looking forward to engaging more fully on the Canvas 2D API spec. There are further improvements that can be made to ensure the document is easier to read including providing additional examples. Given the differences between current canvas implementations some of the language can still be tightened up to reduce ambiguity. In addition, I am hoping to help edit other areas of HTML5 or related specifications if the WG approves. Microsoft is prepared to make available as much of my time as necessary to help enhance the working groups’ efforts on the W3C specs.

Thanks so very much,





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