Re: aged bugs

I believe this reply is still applicable:

On Jan 4, 2010, at 6:39 AM, Shelley Powers wrote:

> There are now bugs, including some that I've filed, that are over two
> months old. The only action taken on them was their priority was
> demoted, from the standard P2 to P3. Why they were demoted is unknown
> -- it was a seemingly arbitrary move.
> The HTML5 specification cannot progress with unaddressed bugs. If the
> sole HTML5 author has too much work, this group needs to consider
> opening the specification to other editors.
> Regardless, we need to consider a process where bugs that are left
> beyond a certain point either have their priority moved up, or are
> converted to issues so that the entire group can provide a solution to
> the bug. I actually favor the latter -- if the bugs are too complex to
> handle simply, with edits, then they should be resolved by the group.
> Shelley

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