Next issues to move forward on

The Chairs would like to move more issues forward in the process. Here are the ones we are currently concentrating on:

ISSUE-27 rel-ownership
    - Two concerns were raised about this proposal (registry licensing and advisement to use a Web-based development process), but Mark Nottingham seems to have addressed both. We'd like to ask Tantek and Henri to verify whether their concerns are sufficiently addressed.
    - If existing concerns are addressed, and no new objections come up, we will assume there is no need to call for counter-proposals. Instead we will seek amicable resolution (if Ian is willing to just go ahead and make the change), or issue a Call for Consensus on the submitted Change Proposal.

ISSUE-66 image-analysis
    - From discussion, it seems like there is a good possibility that we can come to a compromise agreement and settle by amicable resolution. That would be the preferred outcome. We're looking to Ian to propose some text that could be generally agreeable based on the discussion.
    - If we don't come to amicable resolution, then we will likely call for counter-proposals / alternate proposals, since there was at least some disagreement voiced with the original proposal as written.

IMAGE-83 dt-dd-semantics
    - We seem to have near-total agreement on an amicable resolution to this issue, with one sticking point. Namely, Shelley objects to using <summary> as the element that holds the caption/label/summary of <details>, while Ian would prefer to use that to his second choice, <dsummary>. We will ask one last time if either is willing to live with their less preferred option, and if so try to settle this by amicable resolution.
    -  If neither is willing to back down, then I will make a final adjustment to my Change Proposal and ask the other two Chairs to take the next action. It is likely they would call for consensus on it at that point.

Any help in getting these three issues settled is much appreciated.


Received on Thursday, 28 January 2010 03:57:47 UTC