Re: <iframe doc="">

> <iframe><p>code</p></iframe>

That shoud not produce a DOM child

in HTML5:
"Descendants of iframe elements represent nothing. (In legacy user 
agents that do not support iframe elements, the contents would be 
parsed as markup that could act as fallback content.)"

Here is the first example from html4

  <IFRAME src="foo.html" width="400" height="500"
             scrolling="auto" frameborder="1">
  [Your user agent does not support frames or is currently configured
  not to display frames. However, you may visit
  <A href="foo.html">the related document.</A>]

So, the browser that produces the DOM you showed is in error.
<iframe> is a simple way to import native code html documents using 
@src to identify the html document ot be imported. It is intended that 
security methods for the lightweight' object for native code would 
develop. I think sandbox is one such development. So, ideally, 
everything that goes into an iframe goes through the main parser 
rules, just like a parent document.

Of course that wasn't enough for the scripter and dynamic server side 
content builders, so why not a way to to included content isn the 
relatively lighweight iframe without the need t create a document and 
The stuff could just be sent along with the parent with no extra 
retrieval needed. So, we think of makup and content to be included 
using @src='data:mime,htmldocumentusercode' Or, another way of doing 
this using a new attr @srcdoc='sameasdata' and I must have the quotes 
wrong, but I think the sequence anyway, is close.

Since the markup and content included using either one goes through 
the same processing as the parent page, there is no problem doing it 
this way unless the browser permits the iframe internals or the DOM 
externals to put live replacement docment code in there, If the 
browser can produce a dom and sub dom nested context that produces the 
needed security when sandbox or a version is requested, then there 
should be no problem doing it this way. I am OK with the way that 
@srcdoc is written up in the standard, and I don't see any other 
writeup, so the data in @src is gone, right.

roted.  and empty or void element?
I think anything in there should be ignored, unless fallback html is 

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