Re: <iframe doc="">

On 1/18/10 12:48 PM, Adam Barth wrote:
> On the other hand, @doc would work is a follows:
> 1) There's a function that gets called whenever the user agent
> encounters a new attribute on an element.  When this function gets
> called for an "doc" attribute on an iframe (or whichever elements
> support the doc attribute), the following steps occur.
> 2) Navigate the iframe to a new document.
> 3) Feed the tokenizer for that document the contents of the doc attribute.

For what it's worth, my personal preference is that the @doc be 
parsed/loaded asynchronously, just like @src would be.  At least in 
Gecko's case we could actually pretty much reuse our normal pageload 
code, with just a small shim to create a "network load" that feeds in 
the @doc data, to implement that.  I can't speak to other implementations.

In general, though, it's easier to make something that by default is 
synchronous happen asynchronously (just post an event), than vice versa.

Of course this all ties back somewhat to the synchronous about:blank 


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