RE: polyglot XHTML/HTML and <!DOCTYPE html about:legacy-compat>

I understand the XSLT use case. I am asking very specifically
about the XML-editor-being-used-for-XHTML-then-served-as-html
use case, and gave seven URLs for documentation about (different?)
XML editors which allude to using the DOCTYPE declaration to
control the XML editor's behavior.

>  Welcome in a real world ;-)

My "real world" includes 


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Larry Masinter wrote:

> I'm working on addressing comments on my change proposal for ISSUE-56
> versioning, and  I'm puzzled about the functionality around:
> <!DOCTYPE html SYSTEM "about:legacy-compat">
> which my change proposal had left in as recommended; would like some
> advice here. If one wanted to use a generic XML tool chain to develop
> and deploy such things in polyglot (both XHTML and text/html valid)
> documents, wouldn't the tools hiccup if the URI isn't actually
> resolvable?  If this was discussed before, I can't find it in the
> (extensive) mail archives.

This system identifier was introduced only for HTML serialization, it
doesn't make sense to use it in XHTML. The problem is that in XSLT 1.0
you can't generate just

<!DOCTYPE html>

by using xsl:output instruction. But you can generate

<!DOCTYPE html SYSTEM "foo-bar">


<xsl:output method="html" doctype-system="foo-bar"/>

There were long discussions how "foo-bar" should look like, I think that
probably no one actually likes the current proposal
"about:legacy-compat" but all can live with it. Welcome in a real world ;-)


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