Re: Trying to use <iframe srcdoc= >

On Mon, Jan 25, 2010 at 3:24 PM, Smylers <> wrote:
> Gavin Carothers writes:
>> No browser today supports srcdoc, and when it fails no content is
>> shown on the page. ... Am I missing something?
> That HTML5 is far from implemented in widely deployed browsers.
> You're correct that this feature can't be used right now.  There are all
> sorts of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript features which couldn't be used at
> the time they were specced but which are now an everyday part of
> webpages; we just had to wait patiently a few years till they were
> usable.
> <iframe sandbox srcdoc="..."> is like that, in that it's only intended
> to be used by authors once browser support it.

My worry is that with such a painful fall back experience it won't be
usable for even longer. Yes lots of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript features
couldn't be used when spec'd, but they started being used when only a
small percentage supported it. With this, I can't really see
supporting it as a publisher/author until a HUGE percentage of
browsers support it. :\


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