Browser implementations, prior to rec, used for justification


I have a question to the group. 

Browser manufacturers have already begun implementing parts of the HTML
5 specification, while this document is far from ready.
In several threads I have noticed comments pointing out that browsers
have already created facts and that discussion at hand therefore is a
moot point.

I find it very disturbing that arguments in discussions are being met
with such statements.
The spec does not get any better by turning off the brain just because
some browser already did something with a half baked recommendation.

Am I alone with this assessement or would it be better to focus on the
specification irrespective of who did what when?

-- Kai

PS: I appreciate the testbed that browser provide in this fashion, but
would prefer to keep seeing it as such

Received on Tuesday, 5 January 2010 09:03:57 UTC