Re: HTML+RDFa Heartbeat Draft publishing request

Paul Cotton wrote:
> The Status section of this document needs to be updated:
> a) The following text from the first sentence is no longer true:
> "This is the First Public Working Draft...


> b) ... I would like to suggest that you add a paragraph based 
> on your summary of changes
> "This Working Draft includes the following changes:
> * Updating HTML5 coercion to Infoset rules (normative)
> * Clarifying how to extract RDFa attributes via Infoset (informative)
> * Clarifying how to extract RDFa attributes via DOM2 (informative)"


Larry Masinter wrote:
> In the Abstract section...
> It might help to use "this specification" rather than
> "this document" to avoid overloading "document".


Leif Halvard Silli wrote:
> ]]The rules defined in this document not only apply to HTML5 documents 
> in non-XML and XML mode, but also to HTML4 documents interpreted 
> through the HTML5 parsing rules.[[
> My question/suggestion: Shouldn't that sentence also say that HTML+RDFa 
> not only applies to HTML4 but also to XHTML documents when "interpreted 
> through the HTML5 parsing rules"?

Agreed and done.

The updated HTML5+RDFa version with corrections is here:

Diff-marked version against the HTML5+RDFa (Oct 15th 2009) FPWD is here:

-- manu

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