Re: Change Proposals and Counter-Proposals (was Re: Issues 89 through 97)

On Mon, Jan 18, 2010 at 10:49 PM, Shelley Powers <> wrote:
> I just got through listing those who have put through issues and
> change proposals recently, and noting that they have all spent a
> considerable amount of time in this effort. Far more time, typically
> than given by those writing counter-arguments. You insult all of us.

No I'm not.  The fact that issue raisers have to put more effort into
their issue than the Working Group has to is a deliberate feature
intended specifically to prevent the WG from being overwhelmed and
shutting down.  This has always been the intention, and is a process
followed by all successful groups.

>>> I would have to say, Tab, that you seem quick dismiss other people
>>> concerns when they don't agree with yours. But disagreement with you,
>>> is not a rationale.
>> I have not dismissed anyone's concerns off-hand.  I would appreciate
>> it if you didn't make disparaging remarks without at least providing
>> some evidence.  There is no call for you to attack me personally.
> Then you might want to consider using less than disparaging terms
> about those who are initiating issues, especially since you have no
> evidence to back your concerns.

Again, please point out anywhere I have been rude.  I am certain that
I have spoken only in general and completely reasonable terms this
entire conversation.  You are reading insult where none exists, and
insulting me in turn.  Please stop.


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