RE: {agenda} HTML WG telecon 2010-01-07

Unfortunately, looks like I have a conflict for
tomorrow morning and can't make the meeting


ACTION-169: I just sent this email and marked
the action as Pending Review.

ISSUE-4 HTML-Versioning (continues to be updated)

There have been some comments, and I've started
to compose replies, but haven't sent them yet.
Note, though, that the proposal itself also seems
to address ISSUE-84, although it doesn't contain
the rationale for that.

I'll take an action to update the change proposal
and respond to comments within two weeks.

ISSUE-84: Please note as Change Proposal in progress.

ISSUE-81 (representation-vs-resource) Roy Fielding
[ ]

I have a TAG action item to tell the HTML WG that the 
TAG likes Roy's direction and asks HTML WG to give Roy
the extra time he asks for.

This email should, I hope, serve to satisfy that action.

> Publish HTML Microdata as a FPWD does not yet have unanimity, and is 
> actively being discussed on the mailing list:

I think the discussion has been productive, and
I'm hopeful that some additional discussion will
lead to a resolution soon. I'd suggest letting 
the discussion proceed for another few days.

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