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On Jan 24, 2010, at 9:19 AM, Shelley Powers wrote:

> This is a very legitimate discussion to have in this group. Ian made a
> unilateral decision in the midst of a discussion on whether this doc
> (or srcdoc as it's now known) should be added to the specification. We
> are disagreeing with this decision, and are expressing such a
> disagreement.
> By attempting to re-frame this into a procedure issue, only, you are
> stifling descent on this change.

Discussing the technical merits (or lack thereof) of the change is fine, and indeed objecting to the feature on such grounds is totally appropriate for this list. If you want to discuss why it is a bad feature, or rebut arguments about why it is a good feature, you are welcome and encouraged to do so.

If you want to discuss things like whether it was "unilateral" or whether there was or should have been a call for consensus or what our decision criteria as a group are, please take it to private email, or www-archive, or any forum but this list.

People have been quite clear that they don't want the list filled with process discussions, and the Chairs agree. Please respect this.


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