Re: The Canvas 2D API split

Adrian Bateman wrote:
> [...] we now need to address the issue of where the canvas API is
> defined. Eliot is now intending to update his draft to be compatible
> with the split that Ian has made. Ian also has an API draft.  With
> the work that Eliot has put into editing the version he took on from
> Doug, we'd like to continue to edit that document. The document isn't
> ready for FPWD yet but we'd like to move in that direction.
> Alternatively, Ian's document might be the definitive 2D API and that
> move to FPWD. The working group should come to agreement about which
> outcome is desirable.

I would be more comfortable with using the newly-split as the starting point for future 
work, on the basis that it has had a number of technical updates in 
response to errors and bug reports (e.g. 
and probably several others), and the latest version in does not 
appear to have included those fixes. The changes in the latter document 
look like editorial rather than technical issues, and the chance of 
introducing errors would be reduced by merging editorial changes into 
the technically-up-to-date document rather than vice versa.

Philip Taylor

Received on Monday, 11 January 2010 20:22:18 UTC