Re: Proposal: Canvas accessibility and a media querries approach for alternative content (Action Item 6 in the HTML Accessibility Task Force)

(I'm pretty sure this came from Ian. The threading was a little broken in the last reply)

Ian Hickson <> wrote: 

> I'm not sure how to phrase what I said more clearly. To clarify, if I may: "click" is a mouse gesture, "hit enter" is a keyboard gesture.

This is not always true. 'mousedown' and 'mouseup' are certainly mouse gestures, and the combination results in a 'click' event, but clicks can be fired by other input devices. For example, in most modern browsers, 'pressing enter' on a link will fire a 'click' event on the focused element. Likewise, most screen readers have a concept of a 'default action' for any UI element. This is sometimes triggered by a key combination that is not Enter (VO uses Ctrl+Opt+Space) and is not a mousedown/mouseup combo, yet it still results in a 'click' event.

> These are different input devices with different resulting DOM events. Click events are targetted based on the coordinates of the mouse cursor. Keyboard events are targetted based on the current focus.

Mouse events *are* targeted based on the coordinates of the mouse, and click events *can* be, but only when triggered by a mouse or another input device mimicking the combination of mousedown/mouseup events.

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