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Philip Taylor wrote:
> Lachlan Hunt wrote:
>> Ian Hickson wrote:
>>> Markup in attributes has it's disadvantages, but it's not necessarily a
>>> problem.
>> One big disadvantage with putting markup in attributes, especially for
>> the doc proposal, is that ampersands will often have to be double
>> escaped as &amp;amp;, due to the content of doc effectively being
>> parsed twice - once as the content of the attribute, and then again to
>> parse the string as a document.
> Why "especially for the doc proposal"? The ampersand problem seems the
> same for any markup-in-attribute proposal, and doc has far fewer
> escaping problems than the data: alternative.

I wasn't trying to advocate data URIs as a more reasonable alternative. 
  I'm well aware that it has its own complexities and problems that make 
it inadequate for the use cases.  I was just pointing out a particularly 
unintuitive consequence of this proposal.

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