Recently resolved issues

If anyone would like to review the recently resolved bugs, to see if  
they have any concerns, here is a query that shows all bugs resolved  
since the beginning of this month:

Current stats are:

Total Resolved: 87
Junk, spam or duplicate: 10 (11%)
Request for more  info: 18 (21%)
Rejected: 22 (25%)
Accepted: 37 (43%) (A handful of these were previously fixed, the vast  
majority were new spec changes.)

Another way to look at it is that just about half of the non-junk bugs  
were accepted, around a quarter were rejected, and around a quarter  
were sent back for more info.

I encourage WG members to note rejections (or acceptances) that they  
object to, and to provide requested additional info if they are able  
to do so.

I'll update these stats later in the week.


Received on Tuesday, 5 January 2010 14:44:10 UTC