ISSUE-55 - head-profile

"head/@profile missing, but used in other specifications/formats"

This issue has been open seven months. Besides the current text in the draft, we have an in-progress draft to add a profile attribute as an extension via the "applicable specification" mechanism at HTML5. At this time the chairs would like to solicit volunteers to write Change Proposals. Change Proposals could propose changes to HTML5 itself or propose publication of a profile extension draft like the one in progress. Because this issue may be addressed through a separate draft, I note also that a Change Proposal is an acceptable, but not required, way to propose a new draft. Thus, even if this issue ends up getting closed without prejudice, it would still be in order to propose the draft for FPWD at a later time.

If no Change Proposals are written by February 21, 2010 this issue will be closed without prejudice.

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Received on Thursday, 21 January 2010 03:43:07 UTC