Re: Next issues to move forward on

On Wed, Jan 27, 2010 at 9:57 PM, Maciej Stachowiak <> wrote:

> The Chairs would like to move more issues forward in the process. Here are
> the ones we are currently concentrating on:
> ISSUE-27 rel-ownership
>    - Two concerns were raised about this proposal (registry licensing and
> advisement to use a Web-based development process), but Mark Nottingham
> seems to have addressed both. We'd like to ask Tantek and Henri to verify
> whether their concerns are sufficiently addressed.
>    - If existing concerns are addressed, and no new objections come up, we
> will assume there is no need to call for counter-proposals. Instead we will
> seek amicable resolution (if Ian is willing to just go ahead and make the
> change), or issue a Call for Consensus on the submitted Change Proposal.
> ISSUE-66 image-analysis
>    - From discussion, it seems like there is a good possibility that we can
> come to a compromise agreement and settle by amicable resolution. That would
> be the preferred outcome. We're looking to Ian to propose some text that
> could be generally agreeable based on the discussion.
>    - If we don't come to amicable resolution, then we will likely call for
> counter-proposals / alternate proposals, since there was at least some
> disagreement voiced with the original proposal as written.
> IMAGE-83 dt-dd-semantics
>    - We seem to have near-total agreement on an amicable resolution to this
> issue, with one sticking point. Namely, Shelley objects to using <summary>
> as the element that holds the caption/label/summary of <details>, while Ian
> would prefer to use that to his second choice, <dsummary>. We will ask one
> last time if either is willing to live with their less preferred option, and
> if so try to settle this by amicable resolution.
>    -  If neither is willing to back down, then I will make a final
> adjustment to my Change Proposal and ask the other two Chairs to take the
> next action. It is likely they would call for consensus on it at that point.
> Any help in getting these three issues settled is much appreciated.
> Regards,
> Maciej

I'm removing my objections to the use of summary. You all can use whatever
name you want for the details element.


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