would like more time on ACTION-172 (ISSUE-4 and ISSUE-84)

Events have gotten in the way of me completing ACTION-172 (revising the Change Proposal for ISSUE-4 and ISSUE-84) legacy doctype by the due date, but I think I can get to this in the next week.

The main things I need to add is the discussion about the

 *    requirement for not making previously conforming content non-conforming (which is necessary if the previous MIME type definition for text/html is going to be obsoleted).

Since previously, HTML content that invoked quirks mode *was* conforming, we can't make it non-conforming. I think we can warn against using DOCTYPEs that invoke quirks mode and suggest that validators warn against it.

Making public identifiers that were previously conforming allowable but disallowing previous non-standard public identifiers can be done in the text.

I also want to fixing the language of the "empty string" system identifier, to clarify that although it might look and parse like  a relative URI, it's likely not to.

Anyway, I want to bump the action item back a week. It's not like there's nothing else to talk about, and we can continue the discussion of the issue.


Received on Wednesday, 27 January 2010 20:55:32 UTC