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Reflow 'down to', rather than 'at' Alastair Campbell (Tuesday, 30 June)

AGWG Meeting Minutes for 6/30/20 Christopher Loiselle (Tuesday, 30 June)

MINUTES - AGWG Meeting June 30th 2020 Chuck Adams (Tuesday, 30 June)

CFC - Add Hidden Controls to WCAG 2.2 draft Rachael Bradley Montgomery (Monday, 29 June)

SURVEY - REFLOW UPDATES FOR WCAG 2.2 Chuck Adams (Friday, 26 June)

SURVEY - FOCUS VISIBLE ENH ISSUES 3 Chuck Adams (Friday, 26 June)

Upcoming CFCs Alastair Campbell (Thursday, 25 June)

CFC - Add Findable help to WCAG 2.2 draft Alastair Campbell (Thursday, 25 June)

AGENDA - AGWG Meeting & Surveys for June 30th 2020 Alastair Campbell (Thursday, 25 June)

Focus visible - "unobscure" bullet Alastair Campbell (Wednesday, 24 June)

CFC - Publish COGA's Content Usable for Wide Review Rachael Bradley Montgomery (Wednesday, 24 June)

W3C/WAI Announces Wide Review Publication of Challenges Document Sajka, Janina (Tuesday, 23 June)

minimal contrast and technique G174 Niemann, Gundula (Tuesday, 23 June)

AGENDA - AGWG Meeting June 23rd 2020 Alastair Campbell (Thursday, 18 June)

Web Key IT Pty Ltd - Change of Roles Vivienne Conway (Thursday, 18 June)

Chrome seems to have a 2 colour focus indicator by default on Mac David MacDonald (Wednesday, 17 June)

Focus Visible Enh Survey Alastair Campbell (Tuesday, 16 June)

RE: Adding Findable Help - SPAs Alastair Campbell (Tuesday, 16 June)

Focus visible enhanced exception Detlev Fischer (Tuesday, 16 June)

RE: Add Findable Help Alastair Campbell (Monday, 15 June)

CFC - Add Findable Help to WCAG 2.2 draft Rachael Bradley Montgomery (Friday, 12 June)

[AGWG] Calling attention to the survey NORMATIVE ANSWERS TO WCAG 2.2 GITHUB ISSUES MAY 2020 Chuck Adams (Thursday, 11 June)

Error correction and "steps" Alastair Campbell (Thursday, 11 June)

Focus Visible Enhanced: greater than or equal to a 1 CSS pixel border jake abma (Thursday, 11 June)

AGENDA - AGWG Meeting June 16th 2020 Alastair Campbell (Thursday, 11 June)

Pre CFC - Hidden Controls Rachael Bradley Montgomery (Thursday, 11 June)

9 June 2020 AG Meeting Minutes Rachael Bradley Montgomery (Tuesday, 9 June)

Action Requested: Content Usable Final Wordsmithing Meeting Rachael Bradley Montgomery (Monday, 8 June)

AGENDA - AGWG Meeting 9 June 2020 Rachael Bradley Montgomery (Thursday, 4 June)

Informative docs redesign - survey Alastair Campbell (Wednesday, 3 June)

AG WG Meeting Minutes June 2, 2020 Laura Carlson (Tuesday, 2 June)

Improved Indication of Visual Focus coming to Chrome 83 (already on Edge) Jonathan Avila (Sunday, 31 May)

Question about SC 2.4.3 Focus Order Bruce Bailey (Friday, 29 May)

AGENDA - AGWG Meeting 2nd June 2020 Alastair Campbell (Friday, 29 May)

[Reminder] Call for Exclusions: Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.2 sysbot+ipp@w3.org (Thursday, 28 May)

Subject: CfC (via survey) - Republish Conformance Challenges Rachael Bradley Montgomery (Tuesday, 26 May)

Conformance Challenges Update Survey (Closes Tuesday May 26th at midnight EST) Rachael Bradley Montgomery (Saturday, 23 May)

AGENDA - AGWG Meeting 26 May 2020 Rachael Bradley Montgomery (Thursday, 21 May)

CFC - ACT errata item #2 Chuck Adams (Thursday, 21 May)

Content Usable Second Survey Rachael Bradley Montgomery (Wednesday, 20 May)

Messages from previous editors on 2.4.7 focus visible David MacDonald (Wednesday, 20 May)

AG WG Meeting Minutes May 19, 2020 Christopher Loiselle (Tuesday, 19 May)

Pre-CFC - Redundant entry Alastair Campbell (Monday, 18 May)

AGENDA - AGWG Meeting May 19th 2020 Chuck Adams (Thursday, 14 May)

CFC - Add Dragging SC to WCAG 2.2 draft Alastair Campbell (Wednesday, 13 May)

Fixed footer/header examples Alastair Campbell (Tuesday, 12 May)

Fwd: Enterprise customers and monitoring John Foliot (Tuesday, 12 May)

AG WG Meeting Minutes May 12, 2020 Laura Carlson (Tuesday, 12 May)

Scoring and Dashboards John Foliot (Monday, 11 May)

Visual Indicators Rachael Bradley Montgomery (Friday, 8 May)

AGENDA - AGWG Meeting May 12th 2020 Alastair Campbell (Thursday, 7 May)

Content Usable Review (Updated Dates) Rachael Bradley Montgomery (Wednesday, 6 May)

Mode of operation text Alastair Campbell (Wednesday, 6 May)

Sentence in COGA Note David MacDonald (Tuesday, 5 May)

Minutes for AGWG call on May 5, 2020 Chuck Adams (Tuesday, 5 May)

Review Requested: Making content usable for people with cognitive and learning disabilities Rachael Bradley Montgomery (Thursday, 30 April)

RE: Add Dragging SC to WCAG 2.2 draft Alastair Campbell (Wednesday, 29 April)

CFC - Add Dragging SC to WCAG 2.2 draft Alastair Campbell (Wednesday, 29 April)

Visual indicator examples Alastair Campbell (Wednesday, 29 April)

Visual indicators David MacDonald (Tuesday, 28 April)

Re: Task testing structure John Foliot (Monday, 27 April)

Fwd: Research for Visual Indicators John Foliot (Monday, 27 April)

RE: Change 1.4.10 to Level AA Murphy, Sean (Monday, 27 April)

Finding help Alastair Campbell (Friday, 24 April)

Two SCs coming up for CFC Alastair Campbell (Friday, 24 April)

visual indicators scope of a process David MacDonald (Thursday, 23 April)

AGENDA - AGWG Meeting 28th April 2020 Rachael Bradley Montgomery (Thursday, 23 April)

Research for Visual Indicators Alastair Campbell (Wednesday, 22 April)

Target definition Alastair Campbell (Wednesday, 22 April)

Minutes for AGWG call on April 21, 2020 Detlev Fischer (Tuesday, 21 April)

AG Code of Conduct Rachael Bradley Montgomery (Tuesday, 21 April)

Plugins as SC - thread was: Visual Indicators Schnabel, Stefan (Friday, 17 April)

AGENDA - AGWG Meeting April 21st 2020 Alastair Campbell (Thursday, 16 April)

CFC - Permission to Publish Iterative Draft of WCAG 2.2 FPWD Rachael Bradley Montgomery (Thursday, 16 April)

CFC - Approve Conformance Challenges for FPWD Chuck Adams (Wednesday, 15 April)

RE: Finding HHello jennie,elp Niemann, Gundula (Tuesday, 14 April)

[AGWG] Background for Planning for updating of ISO endorsement of WCAG Chuck Adams (Tuesday, 14 April)

[AGWG SURVEY] Conformance Challenges Survey Link Clarification Chuck Adams (Saturday, 11 April)

[AGWG SURVEY] Conformance Challenges Survey Clarification Charles Adams (Friday, 10 April)

Finding Help Rachael Bradley Montgomery (Wednesday, 8 April)

Collections of web pages Alastair Campbell (Wednesday, 8 April)

CFC - ACT errata item Alastair Campbell (Wednesday, 8 April)

Zoom coordinates for AG WG telecons Michael Cooper (Tuesday, 7 April)

Visual Indicators David MacDonald (Tuesday, 7 April)

Examples of visual indicators to process David MacDonald (Tuesday, 7 April)

Dial in info not correct? (was: AGENDA - AGWG Meeting 7th April 2020 in Zoom (see note)) John Foliot (Tuesday, 7 April)

Fwd: Findable Help (Was status update) Keim, Oliver (Thursday, 2 April)

AGENDA - AGWG Meeting 7th April 2020 in Zoom (see note) Rachael Bradley Montgomery (Wednesday, 1 April)

Spacing Between Touch Targets Wilco Fiers (Wednesday, 1 April)

FW: WCAG 2.2 status update Keim, Oliver (Tuesday, 31 March)

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