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Just to note that I emailed Justine off list, this was from a version mix-up and doesn’t affect the version CFCed.


From: Pascalides, Justine E

Hello All,

The exceptions to this SC are included in the Techniques section. I would like to see the exceptions included at the end of the main SC text (rather than in the Techniques section) to be consistent with the manner in which other SCs address exceptions.


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> But then how far should a tester look before concluding there is no contact mechanism?

Within the conformance scope for that set of web pages / SPA.

So where a site has sub-domains / blogs / 3rd party forms, if one of the listed things is available in that conformance scope then it needs to be present in a consistent location.

> I don't think I understand what you mean. How is a "small content change" not a "content change"?

It is a content change, but it is not ‘all content changes’.

> I don't think we're going to get consistent test results if we leave "consistent location" undefined.

I don’t we should try and define ‘consistent’, it already has a well understood meaning and I’m struggling to think of examples where it could be misconstrued.

The only alternative I can think of is “relative location”.

The other question is: Are these things that need working out before it goes for wide review? (I.e. can you live with it for this purpose.)

We need to get the remaining SCs out for review, then we have time to deal with remaining issues.



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