RE: Mode of operation text

Hi John,

I’m struggling to see how one can be an ‘if’ statement and not the other?

After an identical start:

  *   One ends “where the keyboard focus indicator is visible”.
  *   The other “where the keyboard focus indicator meets all of the following”.

I’m not seeing how you can read 2.4.7 differently from the new one.

> when and where will content that does not meet SC 2.4.7 none-the-less still be governed by this requirement

The intent (see the conversation: was to line them up, as the wording in the FPWD would have instances where you could have no visible focus; passing the new one but failing 2.4.7.

> As for the "minor addition" to the Understanding Document (non-normative), do we have a record of a vote to approve that "minor" update?

That was part of the focus-visible enhanced changes so came under that CFC that accepted this PR:

However, at the time I added that I thought we’d have separate documents for 2.2 (you can see the “wcag22” class in the code), but it turns out we can’t separate the understanding docs between versions, so it did go live before I’d intended.  I’ll re-open the issue and get it in a survey.

> More importantly however, do we have evidence of ANY "...platforms which may not always show a focus indicator."?

So there are two things here:

  1.  What was the original intent? It’s before my time, does anyone remember why that phrasing was used originally?  It isn’t explained in the understanding doc, which is why the issue came up!

  2.  Does the use of :focus-visible contravene 2.4.7? I.e. is letting the browser decide when to show the focus indicator ok?

The addition helps with the second, but whether we bring that into the normative wording really depends on what it originally meant.

For the modified second option, I think we need to keep the new SC lined up with 2.4.7, so I’d like to get to the bottom of where that original wording came from in order to change it.

For the 1st bullet on sizing, adding the 2 CSS px along one edge is redundant. The area of a 1px border around all edges is greater than 2px along one edge. The con in the doc was more for things like a background change or icon/block indicator. To solve that in the text we’d have to add a list of things it could be, or something else.


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