Re: Collections of web pages

John wrote:
> [An e-pub] traditionally also has a single table-of-contents, which I will argue also suggests to me that a single "findable help" would be (in context) appropriate. This is not to say that
content creators cannot *also* provide contextual help in the 'footer' of each e-pub document if desired, only that it would not be mandated to do so.

I'm not sure I understand, are you trying to differentiate an ePub doc which is multiple HTML files from an ePub  Period which is one file?

Bruce wrote:
> I would ask that anyone who disagrees (than an ePub is a set of web pages) make a recommendation to how our definition of web page and set of web page might be tweaked (so that they would agree that an ePub meets their modified definition for set of web pages).

That is tricky because it is based on the URI, and an ePub appears to be something at one URI with other that are 'rendered together' by a user agent. The notes & examples underneath also take a wide view of that single web-page definition.

So long as the changes Andrew suggested are agreeable, I think the proposed SCs have worked around this definition. However, if anyone has a suggested update I'd love to hear it.



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