RE: Visual indicators

 > a cold reading of what the SC currently says may make developers wonder why it's literally just the progress once you're IN a process, but not the actual control that may INITIATE a process?

Because of this:
 > If squinting hard enough, almost anything you look at on a website/app can be argued to be a "process"?

Ideally, yes, we would want to include initiation controls as well, but it makes the scoping much harder.

I think we could agree that 'browsing' is not a process, but other than that it is a bit muddy until you are in a step-by-step process scenario. Therefore, if we don't include the 'initiate' of a process it is much clearer what is in scope.

If you find any tricky examples, please do pop them into the examples doc.



Received on Wednesday, 29 April 2020 12:25:56 UTC