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> I still have a number of concerns with this SC, ones that I've put into survey before.

I remember, and we discussed those and it was updated.

> I don't believe this SC should be as broadly applicable as it is now made. An anonymous blog someone writes in their spare time does not benefit from a contact option. It may even defeat the purpose of the site all together.

It doesn’t require a contact option. If you provide a contact option, it needs to be provided in a consistent location.

> The definition of "single page app" is far too generic. Given this definition, every page where even small content changes occur should now be treated as SPAs.

I’m not sure how you can read that into:
“After the first page load, all subsequent page and content changes are handled internally by the application."

A small content change isn’t “all subsequent page and content changes”?!

> "consistent location" is too generic. What does that mean?

We already have an SC called “consistent navigation”, and having raised it in at least one call, no one else thought it caused an issue. The understanding document explains:

“Locating the help mechanism in a consistent location across pages makes it easier for users to find it. For example, when a mechanism or link is located in the header of a web page, it will be presented in the header of all pages within the set of webpages.

The location in a smaller viewport may be different than in a larger viewport but the mechanism or link will remain in the same location throughout the size. The location should remain consistent both visually and programmatically.”
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