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Hello Rachael,

in fact I do not at all object to requesting a self-help option. To the contrary, I highly recommend to request it.
This includes online documentation, context help, application help, …

I do object to accepting an FAQ to fulfill the requirement. An FAQ is a nice-to-have, but it does not suffice the intention of the SC: to ensure available help for the end-user.

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From: Rachael Bradley Montgomery <>
Sent: Mittwoch, 8. April 2020 20:26
To: Keim, Oliver <>; Niemann, Gundula <>; WCAG <>; Delisi, Jennie (MNIT) <>
Subject: Finding Help

Hello Oliver and Gundula,

We are trying to move Finding Help<> to CFC and want to work with you to resolve your objections to the SC.

Oliver, we believe we have addressed your point about the balance of the bullets by moving the examples from all the bullets to the understanding documents.

Gundula, you objected to including self-help as an option but, as Oliver and others pointed out in previous conversations and emails, many websites and preshipped software can not support a human option. The intent of this SC, which I believe is being met with the current SC text, was to:
1. Ensure some form of help was provided and
2. Ensure it is in a consistent location.

To address your concern that organizations may fall back to the self help option only as it is easiest, I've added a phrase to the understanding document that states "Human help is the recommended option but if a human is not available to help, other methods such as a Frequently Asked Questions page must be provided. "

Do these changes address your concern?

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