RE: Pre-CFC - Redundant entry

Hi, I am happy to see the bullet allowing the content to be selected put back in – I think this will provide more flexibility.   Do we need a security exception as well?    I’m sure we don’t want it to be too broad as it would diminish the SC.  However, I’ve used some secure forms in the past where I needed to reenter an ID or password again on a final page in a process.

In addition, this raises a question on how this applies to PDF – assuming the whole PDF is considered a page would this or would this not require PDFs to redisplay content or refill content on subsequent form pages within the same PDF?  I assume the user can just scroll up as the content is not hidden – but does this meet the user’s needs?


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> You can ask but it either needs to not be required or the user doesn’t need to enter it.

Ok, but that’s a slightly different scope to the previous version. It could be required a second time, but you had a couple of options.

I did a quick update to a separate branch, does this work?

“For information entered by or provided to the user in a process, at least one of the following is true. The information is:

  *   not required to be entered a second time; or
  *   auto-populated; or
  *   available for the user to select.
Exception: When re-entering the information is essential.”


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