RE: Messages from previous editors on 2.4.7 focus visible

Hi everyone,

I thought it worth doing a little update on the issues in the focus-visible survey:

Firstly, it would really help if we had a few more responses. We have around 25 people on the call, and 3 surveys this week. If everyone picked one survey to do, we’d have a lot more responses and would be able to make progress more quickly. We have a lot on and don’t expect everyone to do everything, but please do pick something. (And thank you to those who already have!)

On the focus-visible survey we have:

  1.  Sticky headers/footers
Drawn from:

Personally, I have come to the conclusion that we really can’t consider temporarily overlapping content a failure of 2.4.7 because it would make the new criteria not feasible.
I’ll put more in my survey response.

  1.  Understanding addition about mode of operation

This was intended to be a quick update to give some explanation of what the ‘mode of operation’ means. That term was intended to provide some flexibility because, regardless of whether a keyboard is attached or shown, there may be reasons not to show the keyboard focus indicator. For example,  using a mouse to click on something may or may not trigger the keyboard focus, but you aren’t required to show in this scenario. This is not a change of the SC meaning or intent (at all), but aimed at explaining what mode of operation means.

  1.  Changing the level of SC 2.4.7

There are a couple of comments about the level of the new SC, but that is not the question. We have already agreed to include the new SC at level AA, it is in the current working draft at that level. The question is whether to change the level of 2.4.7. Questions/issues about the new SC should be created in new github issues.
As it stands, it looks like the current option in the working draft is the preferred option.

I hope that helps to set the context…


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